Chi Nei Tsang level 1

Class Description:
Chi Nei Tsang is a wholistic approach to massage therapy within a Traditional Chinese Medicine paradigm. You will learn basic hands-on techniques to restore health and vitality to the internal organs. This course will cover: the basic traditional principles of Chi Nei Tsang, beginning anatomy and physiology of the internal organs from an East/West perspective, Taoist meditations and breathing exercises, qigong to increase the flow of chi through the practitioners’ body, and a complete detoxifying routine. This course will give you a firm foundation in this ancient healing tradition. Techniques are easily incorporated into your existing massage sessions.
No Pre-requisites

Instructor’s Massage License Number:

Instructor information:
Caryn Boyd Diel, LMT is the founder and director of the White Cloud Institute, and a Senior Healing Tao Instructor. She has been teaching CNT classes internationally for 20 years.

Date: Friday-Sunday, March 15-17, 2019 from 9am – 5pm

Location:  TBD in Bellingham, WA

CE hours: 21 hours

Tuition: $395

How to Register: or call 505 670-3538